The endocrine system works on the principle of feedback. The supply of exogenous substances such as anabolic androgenic steroids (e.g. testosterone enanthate, sustanon / omnadren; DHT derivatives e.g. masteron, winstrol) or thyroid hormones (e.g. T3) has an effect on the production of endogenous hormones (testosterone in testes, T4 / T3 in thyroid).

Post-cycle therapy is the process of normalizing the production of LH, FSH and testosterone. It should also include measures to cleanse the blood composition and normalize the liver. The abbreviation “PCT” can often be seen on steroid forums.

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Many people believe that after this procedure, the body will fully recover, so you can safely start taking steroids without much thought, others do not understand the meaning of its implementation. The use of drugs to restore the proper functioning of the body is necessary only if there are corresponding deviations.

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