Effective weight gain drugs

Effective weight gain steroids for bodybuilders in the USA

What drugs are effective for weight gain

The topic of sports pharmacology is very relevant in the world of fitness, bodybuilding, and powerlifting since it occupies a very important place in these sports areas to achieve the desired results. Pharma for athletes who have already squeezed everything out of themselves is becoming a mandatory attribute. It seems that bodybuilding simply cannot exist without taking special means. The main task of the athlete is to quickly gain muscle mass. Preparations for fattening are presented in a wide range, but you should not think that you will become overgrown with fat, on the contrary, the muscles will become dense, embossed and increase in volume.

In recent years, foreign studies have provided the world with a lot of information regarding the advisability of using steroid drugs in bodybuilding and other sports disciplines. It is on such funds that many athletes are betting. The main task of every bodybuilder is to create a beautiful, relieved body by increasing muscle volume. It is not so easy to choose a remedy for recovery, because there are groups for beginners, and there are groups for professionals. Gaining muscle mass is a very important period, on which the final result depends.

Who needs weight gain pills?

In bodybuilding, there is a clear trend towards the use of special agents that stimulate the process of muscle growth.


At the first stage of preparation, muscle tissue is very sensitive to power loads. They grow on their own even from a little exercise in the gym. For this reason, beginners initially exercise without resorting to weight gain pills. The number of funds used for this purpose should be kept to a minimum.

The average level of training

At this stage, as a rule, all kinds of supplements do not give the desired effect, so athletes begin to add pills to increase weight. Very often, the first anabolic steroids are used, and the body’s response to them is checked.

Advanced level

At this stage, weight gain pills and injections are used when there is sufficient muscle mass. All funds are used for visible progress.

Almost every day, professional athletes want to find a miracle drug for weight gain. The main task is to build muscle and maintain its appearance at the end of the course. It is for this purpose that steroids began in sports practice, which, without prejudice to health, will help to gain the desired weight, for example, if an athlete needs to move from one category to another or at the pre-competition stage.

Weight gain drugs help athletes

Among the many positive qualities that distinguish means for rapid weight gain, athletes highlight sound sleep and an improvement in the general condition of the body. The result can be observed already a week after the start of taking medications for recovery. Almost all weight gain pills cause an increased feeling of hunger, so you need to carefully monitor your diet to build muscle mass correctly.

What pills for weight gain can be purchased

If an athlete has some experience in using pharma and wants to be the owner of an ideal body, making every effort for this, then steroids are exactly what you need. They will quickly and efficiently help you gain weight due to useful muscle mass. All products are universal and have the following effects: they get rid of excess body fat, stimulate the growth of muscle fibers, allow you not only to gain weight, but to make your body more prominent and beautiful, and increase endurance for more intense workouts.

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Rating of the most popular drugs for gaining muscle mass

  1. Nandrolone, Deca – gives a large increase in mass and does not have strong side effects.
  2. Dianabol, Methandienone – a moderately toxic agent, effectively builds muscle and strength. There is a possibility of conversion to estrogen.
  3. Turanabol – adds weight well, while, without retaining fluid in the body, practically does not aromatize, has a weak rollback phenomenon.
  4. Sustanon is a mixture of testosterone esters, each of which is absorbed in a certain period of time, which provides a strong increase in mass and an increase in strength. Differs in the androgenic activity.
  5. Testosterone enanthate – gives fast muscle growth, but has a number of side effects.
  6. Oxymetholone is one of the most powerful drugs, but it is not the best anabolic. Hepatoxic, fluid retention, powerful rollback phenomenon.
  7. Trenbolone – increases the concentration of IGF, which leads to high anabolic activity.
  8. Equipoise is a protein-stimulating drug that improves appetite and does not aromatize. There is practically no rollback effect.

Whether there are weight gain pills in an athlete’s arsenal is everyone’s business. The main thing to remember is that the effectiveness of steroid drugs for mass gain depends on their chemical structure, individual tolerance, the characteristics of the body, the correct mode of activity and power loads, the scheme of use, and other factors.